Looks about right.
Lord Of The Rings Gets A Wes Anderson Trailer Treatment

Remember that Star Wars trailer created in the style of a Wes Anderson movie? How could you forget, it was just last week. Sure it probably entered your brain, bounced around like a pinball for a bit, then drained right down the middle before the day was through, but now that I brought it up again you remember, don’t you? Still nothing? You should see a specialist. Well hot on the heels of that Star Wars version I really hope you remember now comes another trailer from Youtubers Curious Refugee (with the help of AI), this time for a Lord Of The Rings movie in the style of Wes Anderson. Just like the Star Wars version, I would totally watch a full length version. And probably buy a t-shirt so everyone knows what a big fan I am Monday through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I wear a new shirt. Just not a new shirt both days, mind you. Weekends are always topless.