Well why'd you put it there if you didn't want me knocking it over?!
Cat Demonstrates Its Incredibly Poor Nimbleness

This is a video of Midnight providing a clear example of what happens when you’re last in line when God is handing out the typically standard-issue nimble cat package. I like how he knocks over all the pictures, then goes back and knocks over more. That’s dedication. I wonder how many times a day Midnight’s owners have to pick up and right all those frames. My guess is a whole bunch. Which, FUN FACT: is the same guess that got me fired from the ‘Guess Your Weight’ booth at the carnival.

Keep going for the video. Also, to Midnight’s credit, he’s 18, which is like 600 in human years. If I was 600 not only would I be knocking over all those pictures, but pooping on the wall too.