Not so fast, young fleshbag!
Chess Playing Robot Breaks Kid’s Finger During Tournament

This is a video from the recent Moscow Chess Open, where a chess-playing robotic arm (we’ll call it Robby Fischer) broke a 7-year old’s finger by pinning it to the board because the boy “did not give the robot enough time to respond to his most recent move.” Never rush a robot — that’s the lesson here.

The president of the Moscot Chess Federation confirmed that the robot had broken the kid’s finger. He also admitted that “this is, of course, bad.”

The robot, which was rented for the specific tournament, did not return following the incident. The kid, with his finger in a cast, did show up the next day to compete.

Should the robotic chess players move the pieces with magnets embedded in the board instead of an industrial robotic arm? Of course. But then they’d also use those magnets to cheat, which is why I assume they went with the arm in the first place — it would be hard to not see that thing moving. I mean, except for this kid.