Step on it!
Close Calls: Driver Barely Misses Getting Hit By Power Lines/Pole Falling Into Road

This is some dash and rear windshield cam footage of a driver in Charles Town, West Virginia (not to be confused with Charleston, West Virginia) narrowly escaping power lines and a pole getting knocked into the road by a storm. Some more info from the driver while I vow to never drive anywhere if the forecast is anything but ‘Sunny’:

“I was driving when it started to rain and hail and the wind got really bad. I was trying to make it to a safe spot to stop at but then I saw one of the poles break and the power lines began to fall. I freaked out and I pushed on my break and I hydroplaned into the grass. My car is still drivable but the whole left side is scratched up and I lost my side mirror. I am very blessed that nothing worse happened because it could have ended so badly.”

Dang, I’d settle for a scratched car and a lost side mirror over getting hit with a telephone pole or power lines any day. “Funny you should mention that.” Honey! “They came out of nowhere.” No, they came out of your imagination, stop wrecking my car!