Just give it a chance.
Cool KAPLA Block Domino Maze Tricks

This is ‘High-Tech KAPLA Tricks’, a video of unique domino maze tricks made using KAPLA blocks. Just give it a chance. I’m sure you’ve already moved on and now this article is long forgotten like a butterfly fart in a tornado and that’s a shame because the video is actually worth a watch. There really was some clever stuff in there. Hello, is anybody out there? HELLO? “I’m here, sweetie.” Awww, mom, you’re the best. “I’m here, sweetie.” It really means a lot to me. “I’m here, sw–” IS THIS A RECORDING?!

Keep going for the worthwhile video and at least give it thirty seconds before swearing you’ll never take my advice again even though that get-rich quick scheme was foolproof minus not working and losing all our money.