Just give up.
Cue The Benny Hill Music: Woman Repeatedly Fails To Navigate Icy Sidewalk

2020 doesn’t want you making any forward progress, it wants you right back where you were before it started, and ideally worse off. This is a video from Ukraine’s capital Kyiv of a woman repeatedly trying and failing to make it up an icy sidewalk. My bones started aching just watching. At one point it even looks like she was going to make it before being denied with a slide back to start. Unfortunately, the video ends when she decides maybe this side of the street isn’t for her after all and starts butt-sliding back across the street, so I can only assume she’s either still sliding to this day, or clutching the curb on hands and knees, horribly dehydrated and hungry right now. We should send her a gift. “This isn’t the Hunger Games.” *sharpening stick* Oh yes it is too.

Thanks again to MSA, who, for three usable tips in one day, has been awarded a gold star sticker and a special place in my heart.