Where's Zombie Jonathan when you need him?!
Couple Narrates Turtles Trying To Stay Atop Rotating Log

This is a video of a couple bush league David Attenboroughs providing live commentary for a group of turtles attempting to stay atop a log and catch some rays after another turtle (they call him Gary but we’ll call him Michelangelo) climbs on the log and starts it rotating in the water. As far as videos go, this one is ACTION PACKED. I mean it’s a real summer blockbuster. I’d easily pay $14 to see it in the theater AND be willing to pay the ridiculous movie theater prices for candy instead of sneaking my own in. I will still be bringing my own booze though, and bootlegging the movie with a camcorder, just so we’re clear.

@on_my_travels #lakewashington #spring #pacificnorthwest #pnw #wildlife #turtles ♬ original sound – LAH

Thanks to JustA, who agrees if the log is a rockin’ don’t bother knocking, because those turtles are DOIN’ THE NASTY.