Great Scott!
Dashboard Cam Captures Car Running Red Light, Time Traveling

This is a video from a tractor trailer’s dashcam featuring a speeding car blatantly running a red light, then time traveling when it hits 88MPH. Just kidding, it hits a utility pole and brings the cables down sparking. The only time-traveling they’ll be doing is waking up in a hospital bed wondering what year it is. Also, I can see now why they went with a DeLorean instead of an Accord in the movies.

UPDATE: Video has been prevented from embedding. Watch it HERE.

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  1. scoobydoo
    Looks like facebook took it down. Zuckerberg and the lizard people are hiding the secret of time travel!
  2. James Mcelroy
    The only time travelling is watching this video from 2020 and going, DANG LOOK AT THOSE GAS PRICES.