Jellyfish? That's a Metroid if I've ever seen one.
Deep Sea Rover Captures Rare Footage Of Giant Phantom Jellyfish

Seen here looking so out-of-this-world you’d have a hard time convincing me it’s AncestryDNA results didn’t come back 100% alien, this is a video from the remotely operate vehicle (ROV) Doc Ricketts of a giant phantom jellyfish off the coast of Monterey Bay, California, at a depth of 3,200-feet. Some more info about the animal and the rarity of capturing one on video:

The bell of this deep-sea denizen is more than one meter (3.3 feet) across and trails four ribbon-like oral (or mouth) arms that can grow more than 10 meters (33 feet) in length. MBARI’s ROVs have logged thousands of dives, yet we have only seen this spectacular species nine times. The giant phantom jelly was first collected in 1899. Since then, scientists have only encountered this animal about 100 times

The video really is worth a watch, particularly to see it’s incredibly long mouth-arms flowing behind it like a Metroid wearing a bunch of scarves, which is probably what this really is. Whatever you do, don’t let it attach itself to your head. Samus is coming for you, Mother Brain!