Squid Games!
Deep Sea Squid With Bioluminescent ‘Headlights’ On Arms Spotted By Submersible

Scientists from The University of Western Australia and Kelpie Geosciences in the UK have captured footage of a rarely seen Dana octopus squid, which features giant bioluminescent headlights on two of its arms. The photophores are some of the largest in the world — about the size of lemons. Damn! The animal, which is in fact a squid despite its confusing name, is also one of the largest species, with a mantle reaching up to 5.5-feet, and weighing up to 350-pounds. Double damn! The photophores have a black membrane covering them which allow the squid to “blink” their headlights at will, presumably to stun and confuse prey, as seen in the video when it attacks the camera. But maybe the headlights also serve another, more sensual purpose. “You’re talking about lighting up its mate’s boobs for honking.” Squids don’t have boobs! But yes that’s exactly what I was thinking.