Demonstrating The World’s Brightest Flashlight

These are several videos of tinkerer Kyle Krueger demonstrating the $679 Imalent MS18 LEF flashlight, the world’s brightest LED flashlight. The 100,000 lumen light has a reach of 1,350-meters and is definitely not a toy, although I would certainly still treat it like one. In the videos, Kyle shines the light from the highest hotel room he could book, and it lights up the entire block below. Then he compares its brightness to a Tesla’s headlights. I mean if you could even call it a comparison, because the difference is night and day. That thing is BRIGHT. Me? I’m not so bright. My dad used to say I was so bright he calls me sun, but recently had to explain it’s a pun after he saw me including it on job resumes.

Keep going for the videos, in the last of which he uses it to light up a glow-in-the-dark AirPods case.

@kylekruegerr You can see the whole city😂 #flashlight #tech #gadget #florida ♬ original sound – Kyle Krueger

@kylekruegerr This actually SHOCKED me😭 #flashlight #tech #gadget #tesla ♬ original sound – Kyle Krueger

@kylekruegerr Replying to @princechicago burned my AirPods for this 😭 #flashlight #tech #gadget ♬ original sound – Kyle Krueger