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Dog Swims With Her Nurse Shark Friend Every Day

This is a video highlighting the life of Lilikoi, whose caretaker Emma takes her to swim with her nurse shark friend Sharky every day on Fakarava Island in French Polynesia. Apparently the interspecies friendship has been blossoming for two years, with both parties seeming to enjoy the other’s company. That’s sweet, I’m not sure anybody really enjoys my company. As I’m sure you’re well aware, nurse sharks lack the terrifying, flesh-ripping teeth of other sharks (they still have teeth, just tiny ones designed for crushing hard-shelled prey), and present no threat to humans or dogs. Just, you know, make sure they’re actually nurse sharks before jumping in the water. Unless you’re one of my enemies, in which case anything with a fin is a nurse shark. *emptying chum bucket* Dive right in, the water’s fine.