Dog Wearing Dr. Pepper Case On Head Barks At Mail Carrier

This is a video from mail carrier Jenn Buckman, who spotted a dog wearing a Dr. Pepper case on its head like a battle helmet while she was delivering the mail. Admittedly, a fine helmet, although, as the time I spent Halloween dressed as a knight completely lost in the woods knocking on trees can attest to, cutting eye holes in your helmet is crucial. Jenn assures us the dog had the box removed and was fine afterwards, and posted another video as proof. Still, I give that dog credit for still doing its guard dog duties while temporarily blinded, because I wouldn’t have. One time I woke up and forgot I was wearing a sleep mask and quit my job the moment I could find my phone and figure out what buttons I was pushing.

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Thanks to JustA, who agrees a good work ethic goes a long way.