You're gonna need a bigger boat.
Dog Wearing Shark Fin Goes Buck-Wild In Pool

This is a video of 11-month old Quake wearing a shark fin and going buck-wild in an above-ground pool. Some more info while I try to convince one of my dogs to come out from under the bed and give me kissies:

“Quake is an eleven-month-old pitbull mix. He wandered onto my husband’s school campus when he was six weeks old and 9lbs. The school was about to do an earthquake drill for the great American shake out (hence his name Quake. And we love Marvel). Quake gets 5-10 minutes in the pool before my six-year-old son. The pool helps tire the puppy energy.”

One of my dogs (Ellie) just had her second birthday last weekend and in no time at all has already proven that the terrible twos are a real thing even with dogs which is rough because her mother and I just barely survived the what the f**k ones.