Sounds like it was an expensive wash
Driver Forgets To Put Vehicle Into Neutral For Car Wash, Rear-Ends Tesla

This is the footage from a Tesla’s rear-facing camera of a Nissan SUV whose driver failed to put their vehicle in neutral for the pull-along car wash and rear-ends the Tesla. Some more info while I wonder if *putting cool-guy shades* the Nissan driver mistook this for the EXPRESS wash:

“I was getting my car washed in my Tesla Model 3. It was a conveyor model wash that pulls your car through and you put your car in Neutral. The car behind me did not do that and drove straight through and into the back of me. The back of my Tesla had minimal damage, approximately $2k worth, while the front of his Nissan SUV looked a bit worse. After the accident, I went and got Raising Cane’s for lunch.”

Um, what does going to go get chicken fingers afterwards have to do with anything? Wait, is this — IS THIS JUST A VIRAL AD FOR RAISING CANE’S CHICKEN?! Goshdang you know it worked too because I just used their store locator to see where my nearest restaurant is for lunch but it’s 3.5 hours away so I guess it’s just *snapping into wiener* cold hotdogs and sadness instead.