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The First FDA-Approved Prescription Video Game To Help Treat ADHD

This is a short video demonstration of EndeavorRX, the world’s first FDA-approved prescription video game, developed to help treat ADHD in children ages 8 to 12. Some more info while I hit up my old model airplane glue dealer to see if he’s got any EndeavorRX connections:

The game challenges users to dodge obstacles and collect targets as they navigate icy winter wonderlands and lava rivers, guided by aliens who zip around on flying saucers. The developers say the game stimulates neural systems that are intrinsic to attention function. It also features adaptive algorithms that monitor each patient’s progress as they play, allowing for personalized ADHD treatment.

The decision follows seven years of clinical trials. Over five separate studies, researchers examined more than 600 kids to determine whether EndeavorRx could affect their ADHD symptoms. One such study found that 30 percent of the children “no longer had a measurable attention deficit on at least one measure of objective attention” after playing EndeavorRx for 25 minutes a day, five days a week for four weeks. According to Akili, these changes persisted for up to one month following treatment with EndeavorRx. The most common side effects were frustration and headache, which seem mild in contrast to traditional medications.

Hey — whatever works. I’ve actually been using video games for years to help cure a lot of what ails me, including, and by no means only limited to, the overwhelming pain of human existence. Now *blowing on NES cartridge* if you could just– “I’m not putting that in your butt.” I NEED MY MEDICINE.