Keep it tight! Remember: loose lips sink ships.
Drone Pilot Maneuvers His Copter Through The Cramped Quarters Of A Submarine

Skills: some people have them, and one day I’ll find something that I’m good at. *lifts hand to reveal bloody fingers with pieces of plastic glued to them* It’s not model making though. This is a video of a drone pilot expertly maneuvering his copter through the tight quarters of a submarine belonging to the Royal Netherlands Navy (while docked). I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit claustrophobic, so watching it did make me a little uncomfortable, but making sonar beeps out loud seemed to help. PROTIP: making sonar beeps out loud during sex can also help prolong an orgasm, because your partner is going to get up and leave and you’ll have to wait till the next time they’re feeling amorous to finish.