All work and no play makes Carter exhausted.
Exhausted Kid Shoveling Snow Is All Of Us

Because some news networks aren’t afraid to tackle truly hard-hitting stories, this is a video from Toronto News CP24 featuring an interview with young resident Carter Trozzolo, who’s exhausted from shoveling snow all morning. He says not only did he shovel his own house, but also the homes of neighbors and friends, as well as “probably people I even don’t know.” Well that’s your problem right there — going above and beyond. Maybe you wouldn’t be so tired if you didn’t care about making other people’s lives easier. Let those jerks shovel their own sidewalks! Per Carter: “I…really wish I was in school right now.” WHAT THE *flips desk* clearly all that shoveling has left Carter delirious. Now get this poor kid a grilled cheese and some tomato soup before he starts praying for more homework.