My precious.
Footage From Drone That Pilot Sacrificed Into Active Volcano

Presumably in an attempt to destroy the One Ring on board, this is the footage from a DJI FPV flown by photographer/videographer Joey Helms as it says ‘Goodbye, Middle Earth’ and ‘Hello, Mount Doom’ in Geldingadalir, Iceland. Joey was able to save the footage thanks to his flight goggles recording the flight in 1080p. Some more info about whether or not the sacrifice was intentional:

When asked if the intent was to lose the drone or if it was just an unfortunate lava spurt that sealed its fate, Helms was coy.

“I will leave that judgment to each individual viewer,” he says. “It has already led to interesting debates and even conspiracy theories. I call it ‘CGI-gate’ as some claim it is a computer animation.”

Of course it was intentional, he flew the thing directly into the lava. There’s no playing it coy, it’s obvious. That’s like asking if I ate your lunch while I’m eating your lunch and wearing the brown paper bag with your name on it like a chef’s hat.

Keep going for the video, first at regular speed, than at 40%.