With a lawnmower like that, I'd mow the whole neighborhood for free!
Guy Mods Ride-On Lawnmower Into Wooden Tank

This is a video of Youtuber Bourbon Moth Woodworking turning his Toro ride-on lawnmower into a sweet wooden tank, complete with moving tracks and functional potato cannon. Plus it still cuts grass! Man, if my lawnmower was this cool I might have actually enjoy cutting the grass. But noooooo, I’ve got a crappy little walk-behind, and my neighbor always stops me when I’m mowing to remind me I shouldn’t cut the gras wearing flip-flops, like a New Balance is actually going to stop a lawnmower blade if things go south. God *throwing empty beer can over his fence* I’m here for a good time, Alan, not a long time.

Keep going for a short video, as well as a much longer one.