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Guy Produces Incredible Single String Art Portraits Of Michael Jackson And Elvis

This is a video of Brazilian artist Luis Henrique producing very impressive string art portraits of Michael Jackson and Elvis by looping a single length of string around the nails surrounding a bicycle rim. He estimates each portrait took about 2,300 lines. How about that! It’s just a bunch of string and then all of a sudden a face appears. I mean, in the timelapse videos — in real time this probably took hours and I would have fallen asleep waiting for the end, just like I do whenever my girlfriend picks some sappy rom-com to watch on a Friday night. “Pfft, he loves them — I’ve never seen a grown man cry so hard.” Haha, last time I got dehydrated and had to chug a Pedialyte.

Thanks to MSA, who I have the sneaking suspicion is either a smooth criminal or P.Y.T, and quite possibly both.