Admittedly, that wasn't the best warning.
Guy Tries To Warn Fellow Biker Of Slippery Bridge, Fails

This is a video from a biker on an outdoor trail with a bridge that’s super slippery trying to warn another biker of the danger, and that guy still eating it hard. I like how the guy who falls immediately apologizes for falling. That’s a nice guy. Most people who fall immediately look for someone else to blame, then try to sue them. It’s the American way. I can only assume these were actually two British men practicing their American accents.

@ttvconn09 Slippery bridge takes 2 #fyp #bike #accident #biker #fy #fypシ #bridge #slippery #bikepath #fall #fail ♬ original sound – Conn09

Thanks to JustA, who I asked to send me this tip after showing it to me on her phone, which she never did, so she should really count herself lucky for a shoutout at all after I had to go and dig it up myself. JUST KIDDING, DEAR.