Looks legit.
Home Inspector Details One Of The Worst Decks He’s Ever Inspected

This is a clip from home inspector and Youtuber Bloodhound Home Inspection Services sniffing out all the shoddy craftsmanship performed during the construction of a deck he’s inspecting. Everything from improperly bolting the deck to the house, using the wrong screws for mounting brackets, using deck boards for support boards, leaning posts set in concrete, stairs held on by a thread (technically six janky screws), and just horrible decision making and Mickey Mousing all around. I’m honestly surprised he was willing to stand on the deck at the end of the video, and three-quarters expected it to collapse underneath him. You think this was a case of the homeowner building their own deck, or getting swindled by a contractor? Or maybe they only paid $400 including materials, which seems like a reasonable price for this level of complete disaster. Because I only paid $200 and mine is twice the deathtrap.