Huskies, I swear, so dramatic.
Husky Screams When Being Removed From Bath

This is a video of TikTok user sabrenahnetterville trying to remove a husky from the bath and the husky screaming bloody murder because apparently she likes it in there. I like how she can scream while it looks like she’s just panting — that’s a solid ventriloquist act and if you’re interested you can join my circus, just catch up with us between towns. Still, can’t say I blame the husky for not wanting to leave, I love a good bath myself. I stay in there until my whole body is pruny then lumber into the bedroom pretending I’m a mummy and my girlfriend instantly puts sweats on over her sexy negligee and isn’t in the mood anymore.


♬ original sound – sabrenahnetterville

Note: TikTok video HERE in case your browser thinks huskies are overdramatic and doesn’t want you watching them here.

Thanks again to JustA, who apparently isn’t into mummy roleplaying.