Where's Optimus Prime when you need him?!
Ice Cold!: Megatron Roasts Posing Guest At Universal Studios

This is a video from Universal Studios Hollywood of Decepticon leader Megatron (who looks an awful lot like a pile of scrap metal himself) ruthlessly roasting a guest who stopped to get some photos flexing in front of him. Wow, I can’t believe somebody actually gets paid to wear a giant Megatron costume and diss people at the park. That’s like, dream-job status. Well, if Megatron was animatronic and I didn’t have to physically be there and could just use the cameras in his eyes to see people and talk through him using a loudspeaker, all from the comfort of my own bed. Now that — that would definitely be dream-job status. Especially if my health insurance covers Flinstones vitamins and bed sores.