LEGO Releasing Transforming Optimus Prime Build Set

In what is arguably the most sensical toy release in recent history, LEGO has announced an official Transformers build set featuring Optimus Prime that actually transforms from semi truck to humanoid form. The $169 set will be released June 1st and feature 1,508 pieces, including ion blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe, Energon cube and jetpack. He will have 19-points of articulation, or about 18 more than me (I can only bend at waist, and not very far). In truck mode, the model measures over 5.5″ high, 10.5″ long, and 4.5″ wide, and robot mode stands over 13.5″ tall. Unlike either one of my neighbors’ lawn maintenance, that’s respectable. MOW YOUR DANDELIONS ALREADY.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.

Thanks to my dad, who I’m meeting on a Caribbean cruise in a month. Looking forward to it!