Haha -- me too, buddy, me too.
Man Bare-Hand Rescues Beached Sharks, Returns To Deep Water

This is a video of wildlife enthusiast and founder of Ocean Conservation Namibia Naude Dreyer bare-hand rescuing three sharks (the largest being around 40-pounds) and returning them to deep water. The sharks got trapped in a lagoon after sulphur eruptions caused a lack of oxygen in the water and sent the sharks into the shallows looking for waves, at which point low tide came, trapping them. Thankfully, Naude isn’t afraid of a few sharks, and carried them all to safety. Me? I would have done the same thing. I’m a sucker for animals and not afraid of wildlife — at least not wildlife that’s smaller than I am. I watched a video the other day of some dude taking like five minutes to squeamishly grab a plastic cup that was stuck on the head of a skunk. JUST GET IN THERE AND GRAB IT, BRO, you want to earn a Captain Planet decoder ring or not?