Mmmm, such tasty jams.
Man Performs Medley Of Video Game Themes On Vintage 80’s Synthesizer

In proof you’re never too old to Smash Bros, this is a video of very talented pianist and Youtuber BearKeys performing a medley of video game themes on an old Roland Juniper-6 synthesizer from the early 80’s, which produces an absolutely wonderful sound for this use. And if you like what you hear here be sure to check out the rest of BearKeys’s Youtube channel, where he has tons of other video game related piano covers, especially Super Smash Bros. I’m talking like 70+ Super Smash Bros related piano covers alone. Clearly he didn’t wear that shirt to try to try to trick us, and if this were a murder mystery he’d be wearing a shirt that says ‘I did it’ and would still be bludgeoning Colonel Mustard right in front of us with an N64 controller.