Below: a whole bunch of 80-foot whales doing their best to look tiny.
More Than 300 Fin Whales Gather For Massive Feeding Frenzy

Because Mother Nature is as wild as they come, this is a video of 300+ fin whales gathering for a massive feeding frenzy (my favorite kind of frenzy) in the Drake Passage off the tip of the Antarctica Peninsula. This is the largest recorded gathering of fin whales, which can grow up to 90-feet, or almost 30-penises if measuring by my standard. Perhaps the coolest part of the video are the shots of the submerged whales blasting geysers out of their blowholes almost simultaneously. What a trip. A good trip too, not a bad trip like one to the dentist. *rubbing jaw* I swear she was swinging an ice pick in there at one point.