Heck yeah, flame here I come!
Up Up And Awaaaaay: Moths Taking Off In Super Slow Motion

This is a video from Youtuber Ant Lab (but these are moths!) of seven different species of moth taking flight filmed in 6,000FPS ultra slow motion. Glorious, aren’t they? The species in order in case you’re not a lepidopterist and know already: 00:00 – Rosy maple moth, 01:01 – Polyphemus moth, 02:01 – Dark marathyssa, 02:45 – Virginian tiger moth, 03:18 – Beautiful wood-nymph, 03:59 – White-dotted prominent, 04:29 – Blinded sphinx. Which was your favorite? I think mine was the first one (seen above). Several of the others just served as reminders why most people who aren’t lepidopterists call moths butterfly’s ugly cousins.