You KNOW this is Rose's new favorite song!
Musician Performs His Appropriately Titled ‘Fly’ On Paragliding Piano

This is the music video for Louis Cardozo’s ‘Fly’, in which he performs the song on piano while paragliding over the English countryside. Louis says no special effects were used during the filming, just balls of steel and a can-do attitude.

“That’s right suckers, no CGI involved in the making of this video.

Fly’ is about resilience, using empathy to connect and strength to empower the listener. The lyrics tell stories of people’s struggles, from sickness to addiction to suicidal thoughts. The idea of the song is to connect to people with these issues and let them know they’re not alone.”

A worthwhile message for sure. Way more positive than the messages in most of my songs, which typically just involve a lot of butts, and things that rhyme with butts. Music is hard.

Keep going for the music video, as well as a behind-the-scenes.