"...and even risked judgement from other moms by bringing an iPad..."
News Anchor Uses News Anchor Voice To Report On Son’s Olive Garden Meltdown

In response to news host and comedian Tabitha Lipkin’s TikTok ‘News Anchor Challenge’ in which participants are asked to report on something mundane in life in their best news anchor voice, this is a video of fellow news anchor Kayla Marie Sullivan reporting on her son’s recent meltdown at an Olive Garden. I’d argue an Olive Garden meltdown isn’t the most mundane topic (I still have pieces of breadstick in my hair from my nephew’s last OG meltdown), but that’s beside the point. Kayla absolutely nails the delivery, and I can see clearly now why she’s a news anchor, and why I’m regularly told at television and radio job interviews that my face and voice are better suited for the internet.

Keep going for the video, complete with followup interview with the suspect.

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Thanks to JustA, who agrees Kayla deserves her own show reporting on stories that didn’t make the cut for prime time news, like how the garbage men didn’t take all my garbage today for some reason.