Well I mean I'd have to touch it.
Okaaaay: Famous Artworks Reimagined In Fur

This is a ‘Furry Artworks’, a six-piece series of digital art created by Turkish artist Murat Yildirim starring famous paintings reimagined in fur. In his own words while I bid on ol’ hotdog lips:

It has long been common to reproduce the world’s most famous paintings by imitation. In this abstract idea, I used furs as a creative tool to move world-famous paintings forward. With this effect, I combined the colors of all pictures in an innovative and vibrant way. I have been impressed by classical paintings since my childhood. However, since modern art has become digital, I have turned all this into my favorite 3D artwork.

Murat is selling the digital artworks at auction over at SuperRare. You know this whole auctioning of digital art thing is pretty wild. Did you hear the guy who made the original Nyan Cat gif remastered it and it just at auction for ~$600,000? That blows my mind. Obviously, we need to start selling digital art. “A sea of tasteful nudes as far as the eye can see.” *eyes turn into boobs, then dollar signs* I like the way you think!

Keep going for a shot of each.