It's always garbage o'clock in my world.
Okaaaay: Handymen Sweep Trash In Shape Of A Clock Hands To Tell Time

This is a ten minute video of two handymen sweeping trash in the shape of clock hands in order to indicate the time. The concept was created by Dutch artist Martin Baas as a continuation of his ‘Real Time’ series (the first of which you might have seen before that looks like a man inside a clock constantly rewriting the time with a marker, video included below). Apparently the men sweeped that trash every minute for twelve hours in order to complete a full rotation. Where’s the timelapse of that? Also, there has got to be more a efficient way to tell time than sweeping trash around. Granted I can’t think of any right now because I just filled up my gas tank for $5.29/gallon and decided to get my money’s worth and fill my brain up with precious fumes, but shhhhhh — do you hear that humming?