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Pistachio, A Puppy Born With All Green Fur

These are several shots of Pistachio, a puppy born on a farm on the Italian island of Sardinia that, unlike the other five of its littermates, was born with a green hue to its fur. WHY was he born with a green hue to its fur? Let’s consider the possibilities, shall we?:

One of the reasons a typically light-colored puppy could be born with green fur is if it comes into contact with a green pigment called biliverdin in its mother’s womb. This green color is what turns our bruises a greenish color.
Another potential option is that the meconium finds itself in the puppy’s amniotic sac and ends up staining the puppy’s fur through the amniotic liquid. Meconium is an infant mammal’s first poo, made up of digested nutrients from its mother while still in the womb.

Fascinating. Apparently Pistachio’s fur continues to lighten every day, and, in a very short while, will be just as white as the the rest of his siblings’. And *closing story book* from that day forward people who meet him will wonder why he was ever named Pistachio in the first place.

Thanks to my mom, who informed me I was 8-pounds 11-ounces of pure screaming joy when I entered the world.