That's the second biggest bee colony I've seen today.
Professional Beekeeper Details Her Rescue Of Massive Bee Colony Under Shed

This is a video of professional beekeeper Erika Thompson of Texas Beeworks demonstrating her technique for removing and relocating an entire bee colony that’s been living under the floor of an outdoor shed for over two years. Wait — no protective gear? Haven’t you seen My Girl?! Seriously though, we have to save the bees. Those lil’ mammer jammers pollinate tons of plants, including a high percentage of agricultural crops. Plus if don’t have the bees then we don’t have the honey, and if we don’t have the honey, we’re left trying to catch flies with vinegar, which is far inferior at catching flies. Food for thought. And, if you’re reading this in the future, quite possibly and quite sadly artificial honey flavored food.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees that bees, along with birds, are vital to explaining sex to your children.