Hop on in, the water's fine!
Professional Pool Cleaner Details Cleaning The Dirtiest Hot Tub He’s Ever Cleaned

Because hot tubs aren’t going to clean themselves no matter how many times you accidentally spill a drink in them, this is a video from Insider of UK-based professional pool and hot tub cleaner Miles Laflin (aka thep00lguy) detailing the process in which he cleans the dirtiest hot tub he’s ever come across. It’s…pretty gross. It looks like somebody used it to go white water rafting then abandoned it until it washed up in someone’s backyard one day when the river flooded. If that had been my hot tub I would have not have had it cleaned, I would have had it burned. I could never get back in that thing knowing how gross it had once been. “You still sleep in the same bed.” DAMMIT HONEY, I THOUGHT IT WAS A FART. “I’m just saying.” Are we going to have to break up over this?