Finally, I can sleep at night.
Quest To Find Out What Obscure Hockey Match Is Playing In Gremlins Bar Scene

Because everybody needs a hobby, this is a video of hockey aficianado and TikTok user noproblemgambler discussing how he was able to determine what hockey game is briefly shown playing in the background of the bar scene in Gremlins. The answer? A February 16th, 1983 NCAA matchup between the New Hampshire Wildcats and Northeastern Huskies. Wow, this guy is like a modern Sherlock Holmes! Granted he’s not solving any important murders, but I will never watch that scene in Gremlins the same again.

@noproblemgambler Replying to @alexburton1995 Had to go back almost 40 years for this one #sports #hockey #ncaa ♬ original sound – NPG