Can I join your crew?
Rescue Sloth Befriends Beagle, Become BFFs Forever

Because best friends come in all shapes and species, this is a video of Chuwi El Galan the sloth and best pal Seven the beagle hanging out and living the dream at Venezuela’s Fundacion Chuwie Centro de Rescate y Rehabilitacion de Perezas (Chuwie Foundation: Sloth rescue and Rehabilitation Center). The rescue was started by Haydee Rodríguez and her husband Juan Carlos in their home and named in honor of Chuwie after rescuing him from power lines, where he burnt his hand and legs. But look at him now! Heck, I’d be willing to burn my hand and legs too if it meant finding a best friend, because right now I have to play Monopoly alone and still try to cheat. “Jesus.” I TALK TO BOTS ONLINE ALL DAY AND PRETEND THEY’RE REAL.