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First Person POV Of Getting Shot Skyward Out Of A Centrifuge At 1,000MPH

Note: Video is not for the easily motion sick.

This is a first person POV video from a projectile launched by SpinLaunch, an upstart company that aims (for the heavens!) to shoot small satellites and other space-bound equipment into the atmosphere using a giant centrifuge (aka suborbital mass accelerator). The idea is that a full scale version of the centrifuge will be able to hurl objects up to 440-pounds most of the way into space at speeds up to 5,000MPH, with a propulsion rocket only being used to finish the job in order to save on fuel and launch costs. Pretty smart. Maybe not as smart as naming the company SpinnySpaceSlinger, but I suppose not everybody can be the marketing genius I am in my head.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees it’s high time this is tested with a human payload.