The end nears.
Robot Tenderly Peels a Banana

Using AI learning, scientists at the University of Tokyo’s ISI Laboratory have successfully taught a pair of robotic arms to peel a banana without tearing your penis off with one hand and vaporizing it with the laser blaster in its other. Congratulations?

Handling soft fruit is tricky for robots, but after training with hours of data from a human operator, a machine learning algorithm developed the motor skills needed to peel a banana 57 per cent of the time.

First, a human operating the robot peeled hundreds of bananas, creating 811 minutes of demonstration data to train the robot to do it by itself. The task was divided into nine stages, from grasping the banana to picking it up off the table with one hand, grabbing the tip in the other hand, peeling it, then moving the banana so the rest of the skin can be removed.

Wait — all that effort and the robot takes 45 seconds to successfully peel a banana only 57% of the time? Excuse me if I’m not impressed, but those are like my banana peeling numbers. Do you even know how many times I’ve had to eat the peel?