Pfft, I recognize a Five Night's At Freddy's performer when I see one.
Robotic Spy Bear Cub And Bald Eagle Drone Record Wild Grizzlies Going Fishing

This is another robotic spy animal video from John Downer Productions, this time featuring a robotic grizzly bear cub and bald eagle drone capturing some footage of wild grizzly bears as they fish in a river. Did you know a grizzly bear can smell fish from 20 miles away? That’s what the video said! Also how do they not smell anything but fish all the time? Me? I’d be happy if I could just smell gasoline from two miles because the closest gas station is only a mile and a half away. My girlfriend is always yelling at me because any time I’ve been working on something in the garage I always come in wreaking of ‘accidentally’ spilled gasoline. “His clothes smell like the house could explode at any moment.” It might. I mean that’s a very real possibility.