Free Bird!
Rock On!: Two Birds With Animated Arms Headbang And Play Guitar

Because the internet can occasionally produce just what you were looking for provided you don’t know what that thing was and don’t wander down the wrong alley trying to take a shortcut *desperately trying to close relentless boner pill pop-up* this a short video from artist LeopARTnik of two black-capped lories edited with stick-arms and electric guitars shredding to some tasty jams. I like how the one plays so hard it has to get a drink in the middle of the set but doesn’t stop playing. Then it swings its guitar at the fan who managed to get past security and storm the stage. Honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to see these birds in concert and buy a $50 t-shirt from the merch table then wait in line for both of them to poop on it for me.