Stop, that tickles!
A Phone With A Tongue That Licks Your Face Instead Of Producing Sound

Because great ideas come in all shapes and sizes, including the size and shape of a phone with a tongue sticking out of it where you put your ear, the ‘Feel The Conversation’ phone created by designer Xianzhi Zhang translates speech into haptic feedback based on a caller’s intonation and volume, and conveyed to the listener (read: feeler) via a licking tongue or blue silicone tickler in the ear and no audio. Obviously, I could see these being used for more…intimate purposes. One time I purposefully whispered in my girlfriend’s ear right before bed to give her the goosebumps and she was all, “Stop, I just shaved!” and I said well how was I supposed to know and she told me “Because I just asked you for a new razor when I was in the shower, remember?” and I pretended like that was yesterday and she’s going crazy until she got up to sleep in the guest room and I starfished the whole bed, the end. Like of our relationship, she left after that. Love games are tricky.

Thanks to CM, who agrees if you were a cartoon character you could just stick your tongue through the phone line and have it come out the other person’s speaker.