Russian Mechanics Weld Two Identical Cars Together To Create Ultra-Widebody

Because you don’t know until you try, these are two videos of the experimental, fun-loving Russian mechanics of Garage 54 welding two identical Lada Rivas together to create an ultra-widebody version, then putting it through its paces. Obviously *cautiously looking around to make sure I’m alone* this is not the car for my girlfriend, who can barely keep her compact car between the lines and off the sidewalk. Will she read this later and make me sleep in our own garage? Probably, but not before letting me make dinner and rub Miracle Foot Repair® cream into her dry, cracked heels. “And to think I was still going to give you a blanket.” Why do I always do this to myself?

Keep going for the video, the first of which is building the car and its maiden voyage, the second of which is really seeing what it can do.