It's the walking away with the trash bag and vacuum and leaving the ball there that really did it for me.
Security Cam Captures Custodian Casually Sinking Backwards Half-Court Shot

This is some footage from a gymnasium security camera at Liberty Benton Middle School in Ohio of custodian Joe Orians casually sinking an over-the-shoulder half-court shot with nothing but net like they grow on trees and it’s harvest season. Sure, it’s a middle school sized court, but still, I couldn’t make that. I can’t even dribble. One time I tried to dribble and the ball bounced off my foot and into the road and I got hit my a car retrieving it. My mom said it was an accident, but we made eye contact.

Keep going for the video, which was pulled from the security camera by the school principal after Joe had told him what he’d accomplished.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees it’s how you behave when you think nobody else is watching that really shows your character.