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Setting The World Record For Most Bowling Balls Stacked Vertically

This is a video of Shen Xiaoshi of China setting the Guinness World Record for most bowling balls stacked vertically, successfully balancing ten balls on top of each other before the tower collapses when he tried to add an eleventh. I think I speak for everyone here when I say Shen has clearly taken bowling to a whole new plane of athleticism. The poise, the focus, the, wait — why does that record lady have a stopwatch? What does a stopwatch have to do with this? You either stack the balls or you don’t, I didn’t think there was a time element. “Here *digging through box of props* take this and look at it worriedly whenever you’re in frame,” I imagine a producer telling her.

Thanks to Paul, who agrees there is talent, then there is whatever this guy has, which is actually beyond talent and borders on supernatural gift.