Screw flying, I'll roll there!
Suitcase Tries To Roll Itself To Airport Runway

In case you ever wondered where your lost baggage went, this is a video of a suitcase making a run (roll) for it away from an airport terminal. Maybe it’s trying to catch up to the plane that left it behind, Woody and Buzz Lightyear desperately steering the suitcase in a vain attempt to be reunited with Andy. Or maybe it’s just afraid of flying and wants to make the trip on wheels instead. Can’t say I blame it — I hate flying. I know statistically it’s safer than driving, but at least driving I can pee in a Gatorade bottle without getting sky marshalled and zip-tied to my seat.


Someone Get my Luggage please! IG: adventuresofcnelly

♬ East Bound and Down – Jerry Reed

Thanks to JustA, who’s the only thing I need to make sure to bring on any trip, everything else I can do without.