Fish love hot dogs.
Surprise!: Woman Catches MASSIVE Fish On Hand With Hot Dog

This is a video of a woman performing the ol’ hot dog trick, catching a massive fish on her hand (aka noodling) with a cold wiener. Look at the size of that thing! I like how she checks to see if her hand is still at the end of her arm afterwards. I would have done the same thing. Then mounted that fish and demanded it swim me straight to Atlantis. “But I can’t survive in salt water,” I imagine it telling me while I politely remind it that it’s gonna try anyways or I’m having a fish fry tonight.

@oldrowoutdoors The ol’ hot dog trick! #fishingtips #fishingchallenge ♬ original sound – Old Row Outdoors

Thanks to JustA, who agrees you can catch just about anything with a hot dog.