“I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one.”
The Evolution Of Iron Man’s Visual Effects In Movies Over The Past 11 Years

This is a video from Insider discussing the evolution of Iron Man’s visual effects in Marvel movies over the past eleven years. Some more info while I pop some popcorn, and by pop some popcorn I mean make a whole box of Pillsbury Toaster Strudels AND an extra bowl of icing (recipe HERE) because breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

If you look at Iron Man’s first suit, the Mark 1, and compare it to the hero’s nanotech suit from “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame,” a lot has changed, but it’s not just the technology in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Animation tech has also evolved in the real world to make this suit possible on the big screen. We spoke with some of the VFX artists who worked on Iron Man’s suit over the past 11 years including Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Cinesite/Trixter, The Embassy, and Framestore to find out what challenges they faced along the way and how they were able to make the suit look so real.

That’s cool, but I can remember when Iron Man’s visual effects were limited to drawings in a comic book. Speaking of– I never did get that secret decoder ring I sent away for. “Ask your sister.” Wait, what? “I said ask your sister.” MOM, WHAT DO YOU KNOW?